• When Ballots Will be Mailed
    • Ballots will be mailed the week of October 13. If you do not receive a ballot by Friday, October 16, contact the Salt Lake County Clerk’s Office at 385-468-7400
  • Where Voter Ballots Will be Mailed
    • Ballots will be mailed to the address on your voter registration. To ensure that your address is correct, you can check and update your voter registration at Vote.Utah.Gov
  • Where YOU Should Return Your Ballot
    • Return your ballots early to make sure your vote is counted. We recommend that you mail your ballot five days before Election Day (November 3rd, 2020) to ensure your ballot arrives in time.

      If you are within that five-day window we recommend that you return your ballot at a dropbox. Locations can be found here.

      You can return your ballot in one of two ways:

      - Mail your ballot. Mail your ballot early to ensure that it is received on time. Ballots must be postmarked BEFORE on Election Day. You do not need to apply a stamp on your return envelope.

      - Return at a dropbox. Drop boxes are located throughout Salt Lake County for you to use. The drop boxes are available 24/7 but will be locked promptly at 8PM on Election Day, November 3rd, 2020.

  • If You Don’t Receive a Ballot
    • If you did not receive a ballot or need to replace your ballot, you can visit one of the Vote Centers available on Election Day. Locations will be open from 7 AM - 8 PM on Election Day. For a complete list of the ID requirements, click here.
  • Other Ways to Vote
    • Early Voting is available for voters who did not receive a ballot in the mail and who will be unable to visit a Vote Center on Election Day. Early Voting information can be found here.

      Eligible voters can register to vote on Election Day and update their voter registration at the Vote Center. Remember the ID requirements which can be found here

  • Important Additional Information
    • To ensure that your ballot is counted, remember that you must:

      - Clearly mark your ballot choices with blue or black ink

      - Sign your return ballot envelope

      - Check the state elections website to ensure that your ballot has been received.

      Voters with disabilities who need accommodations can contact the Salt Lake County Clerk’s Office at 385-468-7400


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