Traffic & Congestion

Utah is growing, and most of that growth is in Salt Lake County. Our population is projected to double over the next few decades and we need to prepare now for that growth.
With more cars on the road, we must ensure that traffic and congestion does not increase. Our highways should never become parking lots and our daily commute should be quick and safe.
Below are few critical policy changes we must implement to keep congestion low and our roads safe.

Make public transportation available to every member of the county
The number one barrier to increasing ridership of public transportation is convenience. Many consider it too burdensome to use public transit because their area of the county is not well serviced, or the stop is too far from their destination. We need to increase the availability of public transportation to increase ridership and take cars off the road.

Finish critical infrastructure
There are several infrastructure projects around Salt Lake County that were never finished but are critical to decreasing traffic. Converting Bangerter Highway and Mountain View Corridor into expressways, and dramatically improving east/west connectivity must be high priorities if we want to divert cars from current highways to decrease the amount of traffic we face.


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