Let’s Confront COVID-19 and Win

Let’s Confront COVID-19 and Win.

Americans do not live in fear – it is not in our DNA. From the days of Independence, to conquering the frontier, defeating Nazism and Imperialism and to winning the Cold War, Americans don’t cower to challenges but find a way to protect and advance liberty throughout the globe.

We are now confronted by another enemy, albeit invisible to the human eye – COVID-19. There have been many predictions and prescriptions on how we should confront the pandemic. Some predictions of the number infected and ultimate deaths have been wildly inaccurate to date, injecting fear into the general populace, with no apology from those making the predictions.

From these predictions were spawned the public health and policy prescriptions we have been implementing: from social distancing to stay-at-home orders, often with no clear metric of success or next steps. To say nothing of herd immunity, many of these policy prescribers would prefer herd mentality – a belief in their ever-changing predictions and prescriptions without accountability for the human and economic suffering these measures inflict.

This is no time for fear. This is no time to expand government power, enlist law enforcement to issue citations, and forcibly declare that everyone stay at home.

Fear is no justification to abandon our civil liberties and God-given freedoms.

South Korea is just one example of a nation which successfully confronted the virus and maintained an open society. They protected the most vulnerable, allow businesses to require the wearing of masks or other rules in order to patronize their businesses, and empower the medical community to advance testing and treating efforts. That’s how you flatten the curve.

The good news is that a peak seems to be just around the corner. Numbers are beginning to turn around in Utah, despite not issuing a state-wide lockdown.

This news should inspire hope. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and though we may have many struggles still ahead, we are going to be OK.

Great strides have been made by organizations like BioUtah and the State Coronavirus Task Force to make this possible. Increased testing efforts, provision of personal protection equipment, and other steps have been taken that have a significant impact on containing the virus.

The prescription to tackle this pandemic now seems straightforward:

  • Maintain social distancing while keeping businesses open and the economy working
  • Expand widespread use of personal protective equipment and hygienic best practices
  • Increase testing to the point of allowing all who want a test to get one
  • Provide immediate testing for those persons who are in physical or close contact with known and diagnosed COVID-19 patients
  • Self-quarantine for all persons who come into physical or close contact with known and diagnosed COVID-19 patients
  • Provide community and financial support for hospitals and healthcare workers

Our focus should be on swiftly executing the above measures and getting Utahn’s back to work as quickly as possible. Utahns are tough, they are resilient, and they are smart. We can confront the pandemic by adopting best practices that will protect public health while maintaining an open society.


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