Staggs Out Raises Opponent in First Quarter

The Staggs campaign raised more in three weeks than opponent raised in three months.

Monday marked the deadline for the first financial disclosure reports of the 2020 election. It seems that Trent Staggs, who’s running for Salt Lake County Mayor, has received an outpouring of support. 

Here are the numbers:

The Staggs campaign raised $63,866.00.

The incumbent campaign raised $55,398.96.

The reporting period ran January 1, 2020 to March 31, 2020. Staggs officially entered the race on March 5th, while the incumbent has been raising funds since the beginning of the year. This time frame is pretty significant.

The Staggs campaign raised more in three weeks than the incumbent of 12 years raised in three months.

“This level of support is overwhelming. At a time when people are struggling financially, mentally, and physically it is incredibly humbling to have the confidence of Salt Lake County residents. All I can say is thank you,” said Trent Staggs.

The current County Mayor, who has been in elected office for 12 years, ran against Senator Mitt Romney in 2018 for the US Senate Seat. Having spent so much time in office, it is expected that politicians have a large base of donors to draw from.

The Staggs’ camp says they believe that this is a sign that people are ready for a change.

With COVID-19, earthquakes, and other financial hardships, Trent Staggs said “I couldn’t be more grateful for the people of Salt Lake County. They’re strong and they’re resilient. As Mayor, I can promise that they will get a leader that listens to their concerns and gives them a seat at the table.”


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