“As we share a border with Riverton, I am deeply invested in the success of Riverton. Our fates are tied together. If one of our cities sees a reduction in crime or an increase in property values, it will bless both cities. Therefore, I am pleased to recommend Trent Staggs to serve as Riverton’s next Mayor. Trent has been exceptional as a council member – as he and I have had several interactions. I have been impressed by his principles and professionalism.

Trent has the right vision to see Riverton through to prosperity and better days. Common sense is not something that can be taught – and yet Trent has it in spades. Staggs is also a hard-worker and a thinker, and has demonstrated the ability to come up with innovative solutions to big problems that save taxpayers money. I am proud to endorse Trent Staggs for Riverton Mayor!”

Mayor David Alvord

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