I promised to listen to you, always be prepared for meetings and to offer up the best solutions for Riverton residents that would improve water quality, lead to a greater sense of community, bring more retail and restaurant options closer to home and lower taxes and fees. I’m happy to say that I’ve kept those promises. Here are a few of the solutions I’ve led out on to keep those promises:


Culinary Water Change

I led the way to improve our culinary water system, and did so in my first year in office. This was a campaign promise and I’m proud of not only accomplishing this promise, but also the inclusive, informative and public-engaging manner in which it was accomplished. I listened to your concerns and it was important to me to hold several open houses and ultimately send out a ballot to allow the residents to decide on whether we should change our water source from our wells to Jordan Valley Water. Over 50% ultimately voted and 80% said yes.

More Retail and Restaurant Options Closer to Home

I worked very hard with the owners of the property where the CenterCal development is now being constructed. I was the only elected official or city employee from Riverton to attend the International Council on Shopping Centers (ICSC) convention in Las Vegas back in 2014, and spoke to several prospective developers along with the property owners. CenterCal came as a result of that convention. This 85 acre development along 13400 S and Mountain View, called Mountain View Village will bring scores of new restaurant, entertainment and shopping options closer to home. It will also generate millions of dollars in sales tax revenue. These new found revenue sources for the city will be critical in the effort to keep taxes and fees low. I’ve also worked with Psomas engineering to put together a small area plan for the old downtown along 12600 S. Several concepts were presented to residents at an open house in May of this year, that showed the potential of a “restaurant row” along our Main Park and some new, low impact office and retail in the general area to revitalize this historic corridor. I’ve heard positive comments about these concepts from several residents and I’ll continue to work with property owners that want to develop, with a goal of creating the types of uses and markers in our old downtown that I’ve heard so many of you express.


Lower Taxes and Fees

Keeping taxes and fees low is of the utmost importance. Not happy with just accepting the status quo, I’ve constantly sought and offered up innovative solutions to protect our residents’ pocketbooks.

  • Voted no on all fee increases proposed by current Mayor including storm water and sanitation fee increase. Providing instead ways in which the city can run more efficiently without such increases.
  • Leading the way in controlling property tax hikes by the countywide police service area: I’ve led the way for Riverton to exit the countywide service area, in favor of contracting directly with Unified Police Department. This will allow greater accountability of local elected officials, allow our city to hire additional officers more quickly as they are needed, and give our city the ability to control property tax increases more readily. It will also save Riverton taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Successfully negotiated with UDOT representatives during a council meeting to remove $700,000 in costs they originally wanted to have our city take on and that the current Mayor recommended to cover for the Redwood Rd widening project.
  • Leading an innovative way to provide for animal control locally, instead of just agreeing to the current administrator of animal control’s latest contract to double our costs to almost $400,000. This will provide better service for our residents and save us hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Greater Communication and Sense of Community

Improving our sense of community is extremely important to me. I truly believe it would be impossible for our city to prosper without the glue of community participation and appreciation. Here are a few of the efforts I’ve led to improve communication and participation between residents and city government:

  • I was the first elected official to create a Facebook page and provide frequent updates about meetings and other city events. I took the time to detail the votes I took and why I took the positions that I did, asking for feedback from you and responding to your comments and recommendations.
  • I sponsored changes that resulted in a new city website, communications manager, Facebook and other social media accounts to increase outreach and resident engagement.
  • I led the way to livestream all of our city council meetings, with video stream coming this year.
  • Sponsored a resolution to constitute our Historic Preservation Commission and appoint residents to the board.
  • Worked to include all residents on key changes such as our culinary water change; sponsoring several open houses and taking your feedback into the final decision of putting this to vote.
  • In short, I have worked very hard to engage more of you in city events and the policymaking process.


Protecting Open Spaces and Trailways

As a policymaker, I’ve tried to balance the rights of property owners and development with that of maintaining adequate open space and trailways. Keeping the general plan and zoning map consistent with that lower density, rural feel which attracted so many of us to this great city. Ultimately, 90% of our residentially zoned areas in the city are 1/4 acre or less dense, with almost half of that amount 1/2 acre or less dense. In addition to maintaining balanced zoning, I sponsored a resolution to join the Jordan River Commission, which has resulted in receiving over $120,000 in grant monies and in kind contributions to improve our section of the Jordan River trailway. I’ve also fought developers that have tried to build on our lands that have been planned as open space, and also required that parks, trails and open spaces were negotiated in the master development agreement of the SLR property between Bangerter Highway and Mountain View Corridor.