Mayor Trent Staggs



Trent is a classic Utah success story.

Trent was raised in a family with nine siblings. His parents taught him the value of hard work, community involvement, continuous improvement, and personal responsibility early in life.

He spent his elementary school years in Orem, graduated from Bingham High School in South Jordan, and served a mission for his church in Tahiti, learning to speak French and Tahitian. Working his way through college, he graduated from the University of Utah in political science and economics. He went on to earn his MBA from the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University.

Trent understands that our way of life here is unique and effective, and under his leadership Riverton has become the best-run city in Utah. Trent was raised here, and lived almost his entire life here. He understands that Washington needs more of Utah, not the other way around.


Trent promises a safer world for our families.

Trent and his wife, Alisha, have been married since 2007. Guiding their successful marriage has been a shared faith in God, with Jesus Christ at the center of their family of two children. Trent knows that the family is the bedrock institution of all human society. Families must be safe and strong if a country wants to be.

Recognizing the relentless attacks on family and children, Trent is committed to protecting Utah families from danger in our streets and propaganda in our schools. Parents need to have faith in the schools where they send their kids, or the freedom to send them elsewhere. Parental control of education isn’t Priority A, it’s Priorities A to Z.

Committed Conservative

Trent knows America needs a smaller federal government.

Trent has served the Riverton community for the last 10 years – four on the city council, six as mayor. Trent ran for office to give back to his community – a place he hopes to always call home for his family.

As mayor, Trent has taken a business-oriented approach to government, lowering taxes while increasing services for residents. Under his leadership, Riverton boasts the lowest utility fees in the valley. Not only has he refused to raise property taxes, Trent has cut those taxes and saved over $10 million.

He’s led in planning with neighboring communities for smart, sustainable growth while ensuring adequate infrastructure and open space. He’s a proven leader and fiscal conservative. He has been consistently pro-liberty during the COVID lockdowns, has protected the right to life of the unborn, and pushed back on damaging “woke” policies like ESG.


Trent Staggs knows how to make the American economy stronger.

Trent is paid as a part-time elected official, but his work ethic and commitment to his office requires more. He also manages to be a full-time entrepreneur and business owner with more than 20 years of experience running and managing successful Fortune 500 companies to small- and medium-sized enterprises. Trent has been involved in consulting executive teams, creating a reputation for himself as someone who can get ailing organizations back on their feet. Most recently, Trent served on the board of directors of a company that he helped take public, getting the company listed on NASDAQ in 2022.

As mayor, Trent has made sure the "business of Riverton is business." Under his leadership, Riverton became the first city in Utah to eliminate the business license fee. Trent led an economic recovery initiative to pull the city out of COVID economic malaise, and the city came out of the lockdowns even stronger.

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