Mayor Trent Staggs Is a “Pre-Emptive Strike” Against COVID Lockdowns

August 27, 2023

The COVID-19 scare of 2020 terrified everyone with both the dangers of a pandemic and the greater dangers of government civil rights abuse in the name of “emergency.” And just in time for election season 2024, the globalists and their Democrat allies are calling for more, with yet more cries for lockdowns, mask mandates, and on and on.

Mayor Trent Staggs didn’t fall for it last time and he’s not falling for it this time.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Mayor Staggs said:

“In 2020, when they decided to enforce business closures, social distancing, and masking, I directed our police not to enforce; if they bring it back, 100 percent I will once again hold the line. In Riverton, we believe in freedom and that people know better how to govern their lives than DC bureaucrats.”

Townhall declared Riverton safe from the left’s “draconian COVID mandates” while Western Journal called Mayor Staggs’s bold stance “a pre-emptive strike” for freedom.

In 2020, Mayor Staggs rejected shutdowns for his city, advancing instead universal and repeat testing. In a Salt Lake Tribune op-ed. Simply shutting society down was not an option, because kids needed to go to school and adults need to go to work. Similarly pointless, “unenforceable” mask mandates were not an option. He told KUTV news:

“Our residents will do the right thing when asked to do something. They do not need the heavy hand of government to come down on them.”

Following the lockdowns, Mayor Staggs led an economic recovery plan to help people recover from the social and economic damage that lockdowns had done. Mayor Staggs eliminated licensing fees for businesses and signage restrictions. As a friend to free enterprise, Mayor Staggs knows that the government should help businesses thrive, not stand in their way.

With rumblings for yet more government fearmongering, Mayor Staggs is committed to protecting his constituency’s rights. Freedom doesn’t end because someone gets the flu.

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