Improving Utah’s Air Quality

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Poor air quality has long been an issue in Utah and we need to take substantive action to solve it. Salt Lake County contains one-third of the state’s population and accounts for the majority of Utah’s business activity. It’s where the majority of travel happens in our state and we have a responsibility to take care of our air.

We must dramatically reduce Utah’s carbon emissions to appropriate levels and ensure our air quality meets safety standards. Here is the plan to do so:

#1 Transit & Public Transportation

#2 Telework

#3 Fleet Management

#4 Energy Efficient Buildings

#5 Smart Growth

COVID-19 & Public Health

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We need a better plan to decrease coronavirus case counts. Each day we see new headlines that COVID-19 cases are up. This is now after seven months of the coronavirus pandemic and it seems that we still do not have a viable plan to contain it’s spread.

Taxes & Spending

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Salt Lake County just passed one of the largest tax increases in county history. It comes during a pandemic, economic recession, and unprecedented unemployment. This tax increase alone will likely cause small businesses to close and people will lose their jobs. Taxes have consistently gone up in Salt Lake County but most services do not improve. We can do better, but how can we fix it? Here is my plan:

#1 Lead by example

#2 Identify wasteful spending

#3 Be Innovative and find unique solutions


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Our children are our future. As a community, it is imperative that we dramatically improve the quality of our education system. Education holds the keys to decreasing poverty while unleashing our limitless potential. We need to take action to ensure that Utah’s education system is the best in the world.

#1 Make Classroom Sizes Smaller

#2 Improve the Quality of Education

#3 Increase Teacher Pay

Traffic & Congestion

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Utah is growing, and most of that growth is in Salt Lake County. Our population is projected to double over the next few decades and we need to prepare now for that growth.

With more cars on the road, we must ensure that traffic and congestion does not increase. Our highways should never become parking lots and our daily commute should be quick and safe.

Below are few critical policy changes we must implement to keep congestion low and our roads safe.

#1 Look at making low fare bus passes

#2 Make public transportation available to every member of the county

#3 Finish critical infrastructure

Our Economic Recovery

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Our economy has been hit hard by COVID-19. We are experiencing unprecedented unemployment. Many businesses have closed their doors and people are struggling. Below are just a few of the steps we should take to help get our economy back on track.

#1 Launch a “Buy Local, Stay Local” campaign.

#2 Invest in infrastructure.

#3 Sustained tax and regulatory reform.

#4 Improve mental health.

#5 Properly Appropriate the CARES Act Funding.


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Utah has spent over $100 million dollars on homelessness in our state and more money and resources are being requested. That is enough to buy each homeless individual a house of their own, yet we still have many living on the street.

This is an injustice. Our system has failed the most vulnerable of our communities and we must fix it. Their lives are too valuable. We need a plan:

#1 Create a coordinated plan based on metrics and goals

#2 Provide Skills Training and Wrap Around Services

#3 Supply Medication & Mental Health Resources

Ending the Opioid Epidemic

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Over 130 Americans die each day from opioid overdoses. Opioid addiction is a severe public health crisis that must be addressed immediately. The addiction crisis Is fueled by the overprescription and availability of opioids. As the Mayor of Riverton I created a program to destroy excess opioids in our community.

Below are a few solutions that we must quickly implement to end the opioid epidemic, heal addiction, and save lives.

#1 End the Stigma

#2 Reduce accessibility to Opioids

#3 Opioid Addiction Treatment in our criminal justice system

Inclusivity & Empowerment

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The only thing more beautiful than Utah, is it’s people. Our communities are filled with a rich diversity of cultures, languages, and people that make Utah the incredible state that it is.

We need to make sure that Utah embraces our diversity and sees it as a strength.

As the Mayor of Riverton, I founded our first ever inclusion committee to ensure that underrepresented communities have a voice in the policy making process.

Campaign Finance

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Big money chills our democratic process and distorts our electoral system. Policy makers are incentivized to listen to their campaign donors over the needs of voters. We need to fight to reduce the influence of special interests in our government. This is a pernicious issue that plagues our democracy and we need to find solutions.

Affordable Housing

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Utah is facing a housing crisis. Our population is growing but we do not have enough homes to meet the demand. This is a problem alone, but to make it even worse, this high demand makes buying a house much more expensive.

There are real solutions to this problem, but unfortunately the county is not leading the fight as it should be. We need a leader who has solutions to and knows how to drive that change.


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Over 60% of all bankruptcies in the US are caused by medical expenses. You should not go bankrupt, lose your home, or be put out on the street because you got sick.

Our healthcare system is too expensive and we need to fix it.

Mental Health & Suicide

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The number one cause of death among 10-25 years in Utah is suicide. That is a tragedy.

Many are hurting, and they don’t know how to talk about it. As a state, we must come together and find solutions to this insidious problem.

Taking Care Of Our Canyons

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Salt Lake County is blessed to have a number of beautiful canyons in our mountain landscape. These canyons are enjoyed by millions of residents and tourists alike. We must take care of them.

Unfortunately, our canyons are at extreme risk for catastrophic wildfires, avalanches, and mudslides. To make matters worse, there is only one way out of the canyons and the roads are often filled with congestion and not enough space for cars to get out quickly.

Criminal Justice & Public Safety

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Public safety is the number one responsibility of government. It is imperative that we keep our neighborhoods safe and see crime rates fall year after year.

In order to improve public safety, we must reform our criminal justice system. No one who has committed a crime should become a repeat offender. Our system must prioritize rehabilitation over punishment in order to reduce recidivism and make our streets safer.

When someone enters the criminal justice system, that moment should be the beginning of their personal transformation.This should be the type of criminal justice system we create.

In order to do so, we need to look at serious changes to how we conduct policing, the court system, and incarceration.

#1 Build trust between officers and the community

#2 Empower Police to de-escalate

#3 Incentivize and retain the best people to become officers

Economic Growth

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Utah is one of the fastest growing and strongest economies in the country. We have successfully increased jobs and high paying opportunities for many Utahns.

But we can do even better.

Salt Lake County is the center of Utah. It accounts for one-third of the state’s population and nearly half of GDP. Most job centers are in or near Salt Lake County.

The Mayor will play a significant role in shaping the future of our state’s economy and holds important appointment powers to key committees. That is why it is critical that we elect someone with real world business experience, who is connected to the real economy, and who has a vision and a plan for Salt Lake County’s future.

I believe that we can double Salt Lake County’s GDP and increase wages for all residents within 8 years. We can become a global hub for medicine and healthcare, finance, technology, and many more industries. We have the potential to unleash unprecedented job growth and increase the income of every Utahn, no matter their background or socioeconomic status. We can significantly increase our GDP while managing that growth in a responsible, environmentally friendly way.

#1 Clear a path for startups and entrepreneurs

#2 Create the most business friendly environment

#3 Provide the best possible education in our K-12 schools and universities

#4 Increase the number of minority owned businesses in Salt Lake County


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