The only thing more beautiful than Utah, is it’s people. Our communities are filled with a rich diversity of cultures, languages, and people that make Utah the incredible state that it is.
We need to make sure that Utah embraces our diversity and sees it as a strength.

As the Mayor of Riverton, I founded our first ever inclusion committee to ensure that underrepresented communities have a voice in the policy making process.
We need to continue this approach at the county level. I will always listen and I will always include others in the decision making process. Diversity of thought, background, culture and viewpoint can only strengthen our public policy making process.

Empowering communities is an outreach effort. It will be my mission to consistently engage groups that should be actively involved in our community. Through committees, leadership positions, working groups that produce real policy change we can become a highly representative government of the people that we serve.

I believe that this outreach should begin well before taking office. On the Trent Staggs for Salt Lake County Mayor campaign we have founded, Latinos for Staggs, Women for Staggs, and Democrats for Staggs to help reach groups that should be empowered and have a voice in Salt Lake County.

It will be my mission to increase the number of minority owned businesses we have in Salt Lake County. By working hand in hand with local chambers of commerce, I intend to create programs and break down systemic barriers that hold underrepresented communities back from fully enjoying the American dream. This is the American promise and it must apply to everyone, equally.


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