Affordable Housing

Utah is facing a housing crisis. Our population is growing but we do not have enough homes to meet the demand. This is a problem alone, but to make it even worse, this high demand makes buying a house much more expensive.

There are real solutions to this problem, but unfortunately the county is not leading the fight as it should be. We need a leader who has solutions to and knows how to drive that change.
To make housing more affordable in the Salt Lake Valley, we must significantly increase the amount of homes that are available, spreading them throughout the county. By doing so, we can increase the supply to meet the demand, and thus cause the price of homes to fall.

The question then becomes, how can we increase the supply of available homes in Utah?

The answer is to reform our zoning laws. This doesn’t mean allowing a free-for-all when it comes to development. We must have smart growth. But it does mean that we can do more to allow more homes to be built in a safe, organized, and environmentally friendly way.

This must be a priority for the Mayor’s office. Title 19 of the Salt Lake County code lists each and every zoning law that potentially restricts the supply of housing. We need a full review of our zoning laws and to begin the hard work of reforming them to increase housing while maintaining a well organized, and responsibly planned county.


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