Over 60% of all bankruptcies in the US are caused by medical expenses. You should not go bankrupt, lose your home, or be put out on the street because you got sick.
Our healthcare system is too expensive and we need to fix it.

We need to drive competition in the healthcare industry, make the system more transparent so that there are no hidden costs, and repeal burdensome regulations that restrict the amount of medicine and healthcare services we have in the United States.

The Mayor of Salt Lake County should be working hand in hand with state and federal officials to improve the healthcare system in Utah. We need to invest in education for medical professionals so that we have more doctors and nurses who can provide treatment. We need to allow doctors to be doctors by decreasing the amount of bureaucratic paperwork they are required to complete.

The american healthcare system can become the best in the world not just for quality of care, but for affordability and accessibility.

We simply must make healthcare cheaper and more accessible so that every member of our community can get the high quality healthcare that they need and deserve.


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