Utahns are endorsing Trent Staggs for Salt Lake County Mayor.


Aimee Winder Newton - County Councilwoman

Kelly Bush - Kearns Township Mayor

As the Mayor of Kearns, I can tell you that we need new leadership at the County. Trent will not leave us out. He will listen & fight for us.

Blair Camp - Murray Mayor

With his experience as a city mayor and former councilmember, Trent knows the value of local authority and how to empower communities. He is committed to efficiency in government and has my endorsement for Salt Lake County Mayor

Jonathan Johnson - President & CEO, Overstock.com

Trent Staggs has the business experience needed to reduce costs and improve services for Salt Lake County Residents. He has my full endorsement for Salt Lake County Mayor.

Senator Mitt Romney - U.S. Senator

Trent Staggs has the integrity, compassion, and experience needed to lead Salt Lake County toward a brighter future. Salt Lake County's budget and programs are in need of serious reform. Trent has proven he can get results on the issues that matter such as air quality, homelessness, smart growth, fiscal responsibility, and more. We need more collaborative, bi-partisan, and visionary leaders in public service. Trent Staggs has my full endorsement.

John 'Frugal' Dougall - State Auditor

Trent has a proven record as a tax cutter, doing more with less. In Salt Lake County government, there are many opportunities to do more with less. Trent is just right for that job.

Mike Winder - Former West Valley City Mayor

As a former city mayor myself, I can not overstate the value of having someone with Mayor Staggs' municipal experience leading our county. He brings a refreshing perspective that we've never had there and sorely need!

Janice Auger Rasmussen - Former Taylorsville Mayor

Salt Lake County will face numerous challenges during the next few years. Based on my experience as a Mayor, I know we need leadership and foresight. I will be voting for Trent & invite you to do the same.

Kelvyn Cullimore - Fmr. Cottonwood Height Mayor

As a former mayor, I understand the importance of a strong relationship between cities & the County. As a municipal mayor, so does Trent. He is the one candidate who can unify cities and county for more efficient government.

Meredith Harker - Taylorsville City Councilwoman

Susan Pulsipher - Utah State Representative

I am pleased to endorse Trent Staggs for Salt Lake County Mayor. Trent's experience as a city mayor gives him a clear understanding of the issues facing Salt Lake County and how county policies affect cities. Trent brings solutions that are practical and fiscally conservative. Please join me in supporting Trent Staggs for Salt Lake County Mayor.

Lincoln Fillmore - Utah State Senator

"They call him tax-cutting Trent" for a reason. He will save our cities money while improving our roads & other services.

Candice Pierucci - Utah State Representative

There is no one who will work harder for all residents of Salt Lake County than Trent Staggs, that's why I wholeheartedly throw my support behind him and his campaign for County Mayor. As Mayor of Riverton, Trent Staggs has been a bold leader, championing the interests of residents over special interests. He is a coalition builder who tackles problems head on.

Jim Dunnigan - State Representative

Trent will fight for Taylorsville.

Dan Armstrong - Taylorsville City Councilman

Chad Lamb - West Jordan City Councilman

Leadership is a quality that is hard to find in politics these days. Trent's leadership as Mayor of Riverton City has already given us a glimpse of the great things he can do for the citizens he represents if he is elected Salt Lake County Mayor. We need his leadership now!

Cal Roberts - Draper City Councilman

Trent has a proven record of strong leadership. We need him as Salt Lake County Mayor.

Brad Christopherson - Taylorsville City Councilman

Trent will bring a much higher level of transparency to county government while saving taxpayer dollars.

Zach Jacob - West Jordan Councilman

Salt Lake County needs a mayor who understands the growth issues facing the west side of the country. As mayor of Riverton, Trent Staggs has direct experience that will benefit our west side communities. I wholeheartedly endorse him for Salt Lake City County Mayor.

Derk Timothy - Bluffdale Mayor

I trust Trent Staggs to lead Salt Lake County in the right direction.

Jared Henderson - Herriman City Councilman

Trent Knows how to work with others to get things done. He can cut taxes and spending while making services better for residents.

Jim Riding - Former West Jordan Mayor

During my term as Mayor of West Jordan, I had the opportunity of working with Mayor Staggs frequently. I found him to be honest, competent, and very well organized. He was never hesitant to tackle very tough and challenging situations and was always looking out for the interests of his constituents. I whole heartedly support Mayor Staggs for County Mayor.

Tamara Zander - South Jordan City Council

Let’s elect a County Mayor who values the importance of working with cities. Trent Staggs has a track record of collaboration and he’ll assure cities are fairly represented.

Utah Young Republicans

Utah Latino Republicans


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