Economic Growth

Utah is one of the fastest growing and strongest economies in the country. We have successfully increased jobs and high paying opportunities for many Utahns.
But we can do even better.

Salt Lake County is the center of Utah. It accounts for one-third of the state’s population and nearly half of GDP. Most job centers are in or near Salt Lake County.

The Mayor will play a significant role in shaping the future of our state’s economy and holds important appointment powers to key committees. That is why it is critical that we elect someone with real world business experience, who is connected to the real economy, and who has a vision and a plan for Salt Lake County’s future.

I believe that we can double Salt Lake County’s GDP and increase wages for all residents within 8 years. We can become a global hub for medicine and healthcare, finance, technology, and many more industries. We have the potential to unleash unprecedented job growth and increase the income of every Utahn, no matter their background or socioeconomic status. We can significantly increase our GDP while managing that growth in a responsible, environmentally friendly way.

#1 Clear a path for startups and entrepreneurs
A majority of businesses owners fail within their first five years of starting a business. Taxes, regulations, and a lack of resources and training get in the way of them reaching their goals. They have vision and they have a plan, but the playing field can sometimes be working against them.
Many entrepreneurs are the first to own a business or go to college in their family. Some come from difficult circumstances and if they were to succeed would break a cycle of intergenerational poverty. They make their families proud. Utah must show them how proud we are of them as well by doing all we can to help them succeed and bring their vision into reality for the benefit of others.

#2 Create the most business friendly environment
Utah is a very business friendly state, but many states are competing with us to be the best state for business. To drive further economic success we must make our tax code more competitive, actively recruiting talent, and clear the way for businesses to succeed. By increasing trade and focusing on targeted industries that give Utah a competitive edge, we can become a global model of progress and growth.

#3 Provide the best possible education in our K-12 schools and universities
Businesses aren’t built by luck. They’re built through knowledge, skill and hard work. We must provide students with the skills needed to achieve success in a global marketplace. Our schools should place our students on the path to financial independence and self-actualization.

#4 Increase the number of minority owned businesses in Salt Lake County
Everyone should have access to the American dream. No matter your background you should be able to succeed, achieve financial independence, and build a legacy for you and your family. We must remove systemic barriers that hold people back from success and provide much needed resources. I plan to work with chambers of commerce to create the programs needed to help underserved communities find capitol, acquire training, build business and achieve their American dream.


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