Taking Care Of Our Canyons

Salt Lake County is blessed to have a number of beautiful canyons in our mountain landscape. These canyons are enjoyed by millions of residents and tourists alike. We must take care of them.
Unfortunately, our canyons are at extreme risk for catastrophic wildfires, avalanches, and mudslides. To make matters worse, there is only one way out of the canyons and the roads are often filled with congestion and not enough space for cars to get out quickly.

The official plan to take care of these issues has not been updated in decades.

People live there. They have their homes there. It cannot be understated how imperative it is that we mitigate and solve these issues as soon as possible. It will take leadership from the county mayor to work closely with the state to acquire the funding and find the solutions that will make our canyons safe and keep the pristine for decades to come.


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