When I ran for the city council in 2013, it was the first time I had ever run for elected office. I made several promises and am happy to say that within 3 years of this 4 year term, I have kept those promises. Whether as your current city councilman, or in the Mayor’s office, I intend to keep my promises. Here is a highlight of some of those Promises Kept:

More Business

One of the top issues I heard in 2013, and still hear today is “Why can’t Riverton have more retail and restaurant options closer to home?”. I heard that concern and have worked tirelessly to increase economic development. The increase in business in our city not only provides these conveniences closer to home, it also bolsters our sales and franchise tax revenues, which, if used wisely, can help offset or defray the costs of other fees and taxes we have to carry as citizens.

Here are a few of the efforts I’ve supported to increase economic development:

  • CenterCal: These 85 acre development will add some 1.6M square feet of office and retail to our city at the NE corner of 13400 S and Mountain View Corridor. Called Mountain View Village, it will provide a placemaking center of retail, restaurant, grocery and entertainment options. Instead of spending our dollars for these products and services in other cities, we will spend them in our own city and thereby recognize more in sales tax revenue. I believe our sales tax revenues could increase from about $6M today to almost $10M in the next few years as a result of this project. I was happy to be Riverton’s elected official back in 2014 that went with the property owners down to a Las Vegas convention that helped procure this developer.
  • 12600 S Revitalization: This area between approximately 1300 W and 2200 W has been termed by many as our “Old Downtown”. I have been working with an engineering firm to conduct a small area plan. Speaking with property owners and other stakeholders, several concept plans will be presented this spring to residents and will be looking for feedback before presenting to the city. I believe the time is right for balanced development that brings in some specialty retail, restaurant and business park use along this corridor.
  • Streamlining the Development Process: Have cut down dramatically the time for commercial and residential development, through changes to our ordinance on site plan adoption by both the planning commission and city council. I’ve also sponsored changes to our process map and encouraged adoption of technology to internal processes to make our city more efficient and responsive to its development customers.


More Community

Another important area for me is finding more ways to actively engage residents in policy making decisions, and increase community participation. Here’s a short list of ways I’ve attempted to do this:

  • I’ve created a robust Facebook presence; informing everyone on agendas, recapping council meetings, and posting position statements often.
  • Sponsored efforts to create a revised city website, Facebook page and live streaming of city meetings.
  • Sponsored a resolution to have our City join the Jordan River Commission. This came at the request of residents that wanted to find a way to better care for our section of the trailway. We have received some $121,000 in grant funds in the past 2 years as a result.
  • Restored the Historic Preservation Commission, after receiving feedback from residents.
  • Culinary Water: one of the top issues in 2013 from residents was to improve our water quality. I led the effort to do that in my first year in office and we now have improved our water source by 4-10X
  • Road Projects and Traffic Calming: after hearing from residents in various parts of the city, I’ve worked hard to provide traffic calming devices such as digital speedboards, other signage and painting to improve traffic conditions. Have also helped drive road projects to improve conditions.


Lower Fees

I have made it a consistent effort to reduce fees and taxes by voting no on such increases, negotiating for better deals and working on solutions that make government more efficient . Specifically:

  • Identified ways to save taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars by contracting directly with UPD instead of participating with the countywide service area. Leading on these changes this year.
  • Helped negotiate with UDOT on the Redwood Rd widening project to save $700,000.
  • Voted no on proposals that would increase our garbage fees, finding ways to avoid increases.
  • Voted no on proposals to increase storm water fees.
  • Voted no on a proposal to give $300k away in RDA funds to a business that created no additional property tax income to the city and no on the over $300k spent on the 150th celebration that I found was unnecessary.


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