City funds are YOUR funds. Our fiscal year is from July 1 to June 30th. The budget is reviewed in May after our Strategic Planning sessions are finished, and then adopted by late June. Check in here during that time for recent news on the upcoming fiscal year budget.

Riverton currently has no property tax and the sales tax rate in our area of SL County is 6.85%

See below for links to current and past budgets:

2016-2017 Proposed Budget

2015-2016 Budget

2014-2015 Budget

2013-2014 Budget

Current and past Strategic Plans:

Strategic Plan FY2015-16 FINAL

Strategic Plan FY2013-14 FINAL

Current Fee Schedule:

Fee Schedule FY 2016

Current and Past Financial Reports:

FY 2016 CAFR

FY 2015 CAFR

FY 2014 CAFR

FY 2013 CAFR

Riverton City PAFR FY 2016

Riverton City PAFR FY 2015

Riverton City PAFR FY 2014

Riverton City PAFR FY 2013



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