Trent has a proven record of innovating and getting results.

  • As Mayor, Trent led Riverton’s decision to leave the Countywide law enforcement taxing district and police department to create their own. These changes now save residents over $2.2 million in property taxes every year, or about $180 a year for the average homeonwer, and allowed the city to hire 9 more police officers while giving them a 10% pay raise – adding over another $1 million in value to residents.
  • Much like the countywide police department, Trent saw his city’s residents were not getting much value from the county’s animal control services. So he left and started a partnership with a local veterinarian clinic to house the city’s lost cats & dogs. This saves taxpayers over $250,000 each year, while greatly improving the service level residents and animals receive with an on call veterinarian, additional city staff that brings more responsive service, and by keeping the pick up center in their city it saves a great deal of time and money for residents.
  • Trent prioritized economic development and helped recruit the new Mountain View Village shopping center allowing residents to frequent commercial centers closer to home. This increased the city’s sales tax base by 41% in the last five years, allowing the city to bring in more revenue without increasing taxes and fees.
  • These innovative approaches have resulted in zero tax and fee increases for 6 years straight. Annual budgets are always balanced and have only seen a 7% increase in general fund expenditures over 5 years, compared to the county’s general fund spending which has increased by over 30%.
  • Trent led the development of the city’s first ever vision and mission statement along with a 4 year strategic plan. 80% of the initiatives for that plan were accomplished after just 2 years!
  • Trent dramatically increased communications and engagement with city residents. The effort included a new logo, app, website, social media presence, and enhanced communication and outreach efforts with constituents
  • Created volunteer committees for residents to get involved in their community including the events & inclusion committees, the parks, recreation and trails committee, the historical preservation committee, as well as the transportation and economic development committees. These committees provide residents with opportunities to serve, make real decisions that improve their neighborhood, and empower underrepresented communities.
  • Eliminated the business license fee and reduced regulations on local businesses, allowing local entrepreneurs to invest more time and resources into serving the community.
  • Trent founded the Southwest Mayor’s Coalition to allow neighboring cities to coordinate on planning, developments, open spaces and This coordination can save costs, make cities easier to travel, and improves the quality of our livable spaces. The Coalition launched the Southwest Visioning Study to begin this regional framework.
  • Created the Riverton Economic Recovery Initiative and Business Blitz to help the local economy recover from the Coronavirus crisis.
  • Significantly improved water quality by changing the source of the city’s water supply. Trent is leading the current effort to further identify ways to improve the city’s water resources.

This is the record of a proven leader and innovator.


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