March 14, 2017


Riverton City Councilman Trent Staggs Announces Campaign for Mayor

Riverton, UT – Riverton City Councilman Trent Staggs is running for Mayor of Riverton. Staggs, a long-time resident of the South Valley, is passionate about the issues facing Riverton and has the vision to lead the city in a positive way going forward. “I ran for City Council because I love Riverton and want to contribute to the success of the place my family and I call home. Now I am running for Mayor for the same reasons,” exclaims Staggs.

Staggs is endorsed by fellow Riverton City Councilman Sheldon Stewart In explaining why he is supporting Staggs, Stewart said: “Without Trent’s efforts, we would not have secured the CenterCal deal that could double our sales tax revenue in the next few years. We need a proven, innovative leader who will spend that revenue wisely and drive down fees that is why I wholeheartedly support him and his campaign for Mayor.”

As a City Councilman, Staggs has focused on increasing economic development and driving efficiency in government to drive down costs and fees for residents. He has also concentrated on finding ways to engage residents in policy-making and creating more of a sense of community and participation, mostly through leveraging technology and promoting better, more frequent communication. Furthermore, Staggs is currently the Chair of the Unified Police Board and is honored to work with the men and women who keep our community safe.

Staggs’ business background also uniquely qualifies him for the Mayor’s office. “For more than 15 years, I have demonstrated the leadership necessary to run both successful start-up and Fortune 500 organizations in the Direct Sales, Finance and Technology industries this background will allow me to work closely with businesses to strengthen Riverton City,” says Staggs.

Staggs is grateful for the support of Councilman Stewart and is honored to have the support of many other residents of Riverton. He looks forward to speaking with all of Riverton about why he is running for Mayor and what he hopes we can accomplish as a city.

Staggs believes that for Riverton to truly prosper there must be an abundance of participation by its residents. Without the pride, appreciation and contribution of its residents, Riverton could never attain its highest potential.

“The needs of residents are constant and varied, and even with the best run essential city services, planning and zoning, and code establishment and enforcement, it would be impossible for the city government to truly prosper without the glue of community participation and appreciation,” says Staggs.


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